Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. We did. The weather was gorgeous....FINALLY!!!!!!!! On Saturday we hosted my hubby's family for dinner. Here are the Easter baskets that I made for place cards at the dinner table..I added some Easter grass and chocolate eggies to them for everyone.

Then on Sunday, we went to my brother and sister-in-law's for more turkey...we are going to start to gobble soon (we are having turkey leftovers tonight for dinner). I made a yummy chocolate mousse cake. Super easy to make. I was impressed with myself.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get Well Card

My mil went in for surgery on Monday. Here is a card that I made for her. Inside it reads "Hope you feel "perky" real soon"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cold rain + craft show = not many people. :(

On Saturday April 16th my friends, Christa, Chelle and I rented a table at the Maywood Public School Spring Craft Show. Despite all the advertising and the successes of their fall craft shows, foot traffic was pretty low. I really feel that the cold, pouring down rain was the main culprit. Another may be that people don't really look for craft shows in the spring. Oh least most of our stuff keeps (not much seasonal stuff) and we can pack it away for another craft show. We are going to have a table at the Craft Show and Garage Sale in June at Prince Philip School.

Here are a few pictures of our set-up....

Our Altered clipboards
Some of Christa's teacher gifts  

Altered Journals  
Handmade cards 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still a little time left to do the Scrap~tures blog hop

My friends over at Scrap~tures are having a blog hop this weekend. What is a blog hop you say? A blog hop is a fun game where you start at one blog and go from blog to blog, usually ending up back at the first blog, commenting on the blogs along the way. Usually, there are some prizes involved. So head on over and see what it is all about......

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Early Birthday Present

Ok, so I have been drooling over these handmade bags for MONTHS! Months I tell ya. I found them on Etsy. I loved all the fabrics...reminded me of all my favourite scrapbook pattern papers. Mmmmmmmmmm pattern paper....feel it....touch it......wipe drool from mouth.....WHA????? Oh yeah, my story. Well, I was reading her blog and saw that she was cutting way back on the amount of bags due to a health issue. After showing my DH the bags and he said that I should order on for my upcoming birthday. Judy had also been putting up prospective bags on Facebook. I told her which one I liked, but told her no rush if she wasn't feeling well.

That weekend, she ended up making a handful of bags, mine included and sent me a message. I promptly ordered one. That was back in February. I received it this weekend. DH's ship was passing by Detroit and the mailboat delivered my parcel to him.

I am so in love!!!!

Here is my new camera bag. Look at all the extra room! She even makes matching camera straps.
Thank you Honey.....I love you!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Share, Share, Share

Reminds me of the Sparks (the youngest sisters in the Girl Guiding family) Motto...
"I promise to share and be a friend."
What a wonderful thing to teach a child!

Some people may ask me why I started this blog. Well.........I guess that I would have to say that it is to share my love of scrapping with you. As many who share this hobby know~ scrap-bookers have a compulsive need to share....

  • to share layouts
  • to share cards they have made
  • to share sketches they love
  • to share new techniques
  • to share stories
  • to even share a tutorial or two
Blogging really isn't that much different than scrapbooking....just a digital form of scrapping and can share your journal (yes that dreaded thing journalling ***banging head against wall***) pour your heart into it.

Here are some of my layouts that I love that I would like to share....

I have some great friends who already blog and I love reading about what they are doing...scrapbook related or not. I hope that you will come back and enjoy what I have to share!

New to the Blog-0-Sphere!

Well, I finally did it. I created a blog. This is something that I have been debating on for so long. Looks like I have LOTS to learn about blogging...all the gadgets, how to add please bear with me.

So until my next post.........